Happy 7th Birthday to CWTA

CWTA7thAnniversary CWTA7thAnniversary

Time flies!  It has been seven years since Sifu Lau opened his Wing Tsun Kung Ku gym in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Happy Birthday!!!!

To celebrate this great occasion, we gathered together for a big traditional Chinese dinner on Saturday March 29th.  Almost a hundred attendees enjoyed a fun night.  There were Sifus from other branches, students, and many good friends that came together to celebrate this joyful event.

During the dinner, there was a special moment which Sifu Lau presented plaques to those Wing Tsun Kung Fu lovers.  All the recipients have been practicing and contributing to Wing Tsun for at least 15 years.

Of course, there were game sections lead by our great MC Victoria and Alex.  They were very well prepared and organized for the whole program.  Everyone enjoyed that night very much.

Again! We wish Carson Wing Tsun Academy all the best and have many successfully years to come.

CWTA7thAnniversary CWTA7thAnniversary

CWTA7thAnniversary CWTA7thAnniversary


Chinese New Year (Year of the Horse)

CNY14 - 07

As with every Chinese New Year at CWTA, we had the pleasure of having Master Jimmy Chan (陳志尚師父) and his Lion Dance team come celebrate Year of the Horse with us.

The very same night, we had our annual Chinese New Year party. We had another great turnout and we continue our tradition of having a pig chopping ceremony to start off the year.

All in all, it was a fun filled day. I hope everyone who attend felt the same!

Happy Year of the Horse!


CNY14 - 01CNY14 - 03

CNY14 - 05CNY14 - 09

CNY14 - 08CNY14 - 06

First Level Technician Exam


We are so proud to announce that we have four new 1st level technician after a very tough exam on 25th Jan, 2014.Josh Midghall, Alan Chan, Dean Aivaliotis, and Larry Law (from left to right) passed the exam and became a certified instructor of Carson Wing Tsun Academy.

Click here for more exciting photos.

IMG_5900c IMG_5281c IMG_5361c IMG_5797c


New Class Started in Montreal

ChihSI hope everyone had a good 2013 and an even better 2014. What better way to write the first post for 2014 than to announce a new class starting in Montreal! One of my students, Chih Sun recently moved to Montreal, and has now officially started classes there. Check out www.mtlwt.ca for more details! We hope Chih the best of luck with the new class, and be sure drop by if you’re in the area!



Hungary Seminar 2013 Video

Wing Tsun Seminar in Budapest Hungary 2013



Last week, Sifu Lau had a 5-days trip to Hungary as a guest instructor for a wing tsun kung fu seminar.

This seminar was organized by Sifu Róbert Török, the head instructor of Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association of Hungary.  There was a 2-days seminar.  Around 100+ wing tsun kung fu lovers gathered in a big community gym for 5 hours training in the first day.  In the second day, all the instructor got trained and practise in another 5 hours seminar.   All attendees had a great time practicing and polishing their Wing Tsun’s skills.  Sifu Lau was amazed by everybody’s dedication.  Everybody kept on practising non-stop during each 5 hour session.  In addition, Sifu Lau is very delighted for the great hospitality from Sifu Róbert Török and his students.  Sifu Róbert Török had showed Sifu Lau how beautiful Budapest is.

Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary


Mexico Class Established Officially

We are thrilled to tell you the new class weekly schedule of our Mexico branch.

This new class is taught by Sifu Jerónimo García.  Currently, there is weekly schedule of every Tuesday and Wednesday 19:00 to 21:00.  Sifu Jerónimo García would love to teach and show you how effective Wing Tsun kung fu is !

Below is the latest youtube video which Sifu Lau and Sifu Jerónimo García promoting this martial art.

(This is the caption:)

SIFU Lau : Hello Mexico, How are you ?
My name is Carson Lau
I am from Hong Kong and live in Canada now.
I am very happy that I can say hello to you guys in here with my student
Jeronimo Garcia.
We have a new Wing Tsun class in Mexico now.
Jeronimo : That is right, It is a great honour for me to represent Sifu Carson Lau
to open a school of his Academy in Mexico. I hope to see you soon
there. I will do my best to promote this fascinating martial art in our
SIFU Lau : Hope to see you soon.

The easiest to learn (and forget), But it also the most important: the straight punch.

Foundation Class

In my experience, students learn about the straight punch in their first week or month. When they start learning other techniques, they never go back to training the different aspects of the straight punch again. Student will focus the speed in chain punch, but training power and learning the theory behind the straight punch are neglected.
Take the time to focus on the power of your punches, use gym equipment such as wall bags or punching bags to help develop your power. Even if you have all the techniques in the world to create opening to your opponent, how do you expect to take them down if your punches are weak and flimsy?

Foundation Class photo (Foundation Class2)

Foundation Class

Charcoal Portrait


A good friend of mine, Amen Cheung, recently presented me with a very life like portrait of myself using charcoal. I have always wanted a portrait of myself drawn, and now it has actually happened. The portrait is now hanging at the gym so anyone at the gym can look it at any time.

Thanks Amen for this wonderful gift! I will treasure it dearly.

A quick bio of Amen Cheung:
- Studied in Hong Kong under the artist, Chao Shao An of the Ling Nam Lineage of Chinese painting.
- Specializes in water colour, contemporary Chinese painting, and charcoal
- He has been teaching painting for almost 30 years. His art studio is in the Markham area.

Third Annual Summer BBQ

IMG_1596cCWTA has just held the annual BBQ event this past weekend. Just like last year, we had a great group of organizers and volunteers that made this event very successful. A special thanks to Jaime Loo, Victoria Au, Frank Yuen, Mandy Yuen, and Kathleen Wong for putting so much effort into this year’s BBQ.
The weather was perfect and food was great, and I was very happy to see everyone enjoy themselves beyond the gym.

Thank you to all our members and their family and friends for supporting this event and I hope you all had a good time!