“Wing Chun Illustrated” Magazine featuring Sifu Carson Lau

Sifu Carson Lau will be featured in the 22nd issue of the magazine “Wing Chun Illustrated”. He is very honoured to have been selected to be the cover feature. To learn more or order a copy please visit their website at    (http://www.wingchunillustrated.com/).

This issue will be released on February 20. 2015


Happy Chinese New Year 2015 ! This is the year of Ram.
Chinese New Year is a time for families to be together. Wherever they are, people come home to celebrate the festival with their families.

Carson Wing Tsun Acedemy as a kung fu family. We all gather and socialize at the gym and spend a great night together.

Carson Wing Tsun Academy Latest Video on Youtube

The latest video Carson Wing Tsun Academy.
This video show four major training and teaching elements for Sifu lau.
It demonstrated the importance of Core-training training, Quick reaction, Professional training and Practical Self Defense of Sifu Lau teaching system.

Seminar in Hungary

Sifu Lau was invited by the Sifu Róbert Török to teach a 2-days seminar in Hungary. Sifu Róbert is the chief instructor of Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association of Hungary. This is Sifu Lau second time to teach seminar in Hungary and he is so glad that still many wing tsun kung fu lovers to join.  All attendees had a great time practicing and polishing their Wing Tsun’s skills.  The students are very tough and hard working to train on any movement.  Their energy can train for whole 10-hours seminar.  After the seminar, Sifu Robert made an invitation to Sifu Lau for next year seminar.

Click Here For More Details of Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association of Hungary


Sifu Chih Sun Promotion


Earlier this year, one of my students, Chih Sun, moved to Montreal and has started his own Wing Tsun class.  I recently visited Montreal to see how he is doing and also gave a seminar to the students there.  I am very happy to see Chih has done very well with his class and his students are all very enthusiastic to learn Wing Tsun.  I can tell Chih has put in a lot of hard work and will continue to be successful!  Seeing these results and Chih’s dedication to Wing Tsun, I have promoted Chih and recongnize him as a Sifu of Wing Tsun.  Chih is the first of my students in Canada to achieve Sifu status. Keep up the good work!

To find more information about Chih and his class, please visit http://www.montrealwingtsunkungfu.ca/



Technician exam (second and third level)


Congratulations to six new third-level and second-level technicians.  At September 27, all six wing tsun students of Carson Wing Tsun Academy undergo a test on forms, chi sau forms, and sparring.  We are so pleased to announce that there are 5 new third level and one second technician got promoted.  Sifu Lau is very grateful for their students can pass this tough exam.  Through the exam, all six candidates demonstrate the hard work, preciseness, and endurance. They all well-deserved this promotion after having witnessed the hard work and contribution they have put in over the years.

** Third-level technician: Alex Lee, Chapman Fu, Chi-Tak Wong, Richard Ngai, Frank Yuen

Here are the testimonial of new third-level technician:

Alex Lee : I am so proud of myself and my Sihings (Tak, Richard, Frank and Chapman) for our achievement as the first ever level 3 Wing Tsun practitioners at the Toronto gym. This test was definitely the most painful test for me! But in the end , it was all worth it.

I would like to thank Sifu Lau for his teaching and encouragement. To be honest, I am not a very motivated person , but Sifu Lau always kept encouraging me (us) to practice and train more and more. Also thanks to my Sihings , who took the test with me and also helped me tune up my form and chisao skills. Now I can relax and have a beer!

Chapman Fu : It was great to have participated in 3rd level practitioner test and I am very glad I passed the test, and all the efforts I put into preparing for this test finally paid off! Thank you especially to sifu, sihings, sidais and simuis who helped me with preparing for the test. Without your help, I couldn’t have passed the test.

Chi-Tak Wong : A few weeks before the test, I got an injury in my back. It was hurting so much that I couldn’t practise at all.  I was about to give up and not take the test but Si Fu and Si Da’s were all so supportive and wanted to wait for my recovery.  I was really grateful to their encouragement and help.  Having good training partners who can encourage each other is very important  Hope all WT brothers and sisters continue to support each other and advance together.

Richard Ngai:

I am so grateful to receive the third-level technician certificate from Sifu.  It is my honour to have Sifu Lau’s teaching me on wing tsun skills and arts in the past 10 years.  I will always remember how Sifu show and demonstrate each movements in details. Also, thank you to everyone who helped and motivated me to practice and refine my wing tsun techniques and fighting skills.

Frank Yuen : I was very relieved when Sifu said that all of us have passed the test. As all the hours that we have spent practising the techniques; the bruises that we have on our bodies; and the anxiety that has struck us many times before test, are not wasted. Also, I am very grateful to have all the lessons from Sifu, which helped us to improve our techniques as well as our mentality towards the exam. Thank you everyone who helped us practice and helped out during the exam. You guys are great! There is still so much to learn and practice, let’s prepare for the next exam!


** Second-level technician: Fernando Gonzalez




First Technician Exam

Congratulations to three new first level technicians, three new technician left to right: Sheldon So, Joshua Tang, and Ben Li. They worked very hard to get to this point and had excellent performances during the tests. Congratulations on passing your test and keep up the good work!

Annual BBQ Year 2014


Another good turn out this year for our annual CWTA BBQ. It’s always good to see everyone outside the gym and be able to mingle and talk about things that are not always about WT.
Although we were threaten by the possibility of rain, and there were a couple of drops here and there, I hope everyone had a great time. At least we weren’t baking in the sun!

New Affiliated Branch in Hungary

We would to announce an exciting news of a new affiliated branch had been established. Five Element Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association in Hungary has become our affiliated branch. This is a good opportunity for us to get more exposure to European WT, and allow us to spread our WT to Europe as well. Five Element Wing Tsun is led by Sifu Róbert Török and you can learn more at http://www.wtkungfu.hu/

Sifu Lau is very happy that Sifu Róbert Török and his students join into CWTA family.  Sifu Lau will spent more effort on develop and teach the high level wing tsun skills in eastern Europe.  All students with CWTA are very exciting this news and eager to meeting and train with out kung fu brothers and sisters in Hungary.


A Wing Tsun Story

This is the first short film of Carson Wing Tusn Academy.  The story is about a kung fu fanatic, Josh Midghall, his road from dreamer to martial arts instructor.