10th Anniversary Dinner

Seeing Double!
Carson Wing Tsun Academy in Richmond Hill, Ontario has reached a new milestone. This year marks the 10th anniversary of establishing the gym in the current location. Everyone in our Wing Tsun family has created a lot of great memories together over the last decade. We have been learning Wing Tusn from Sifu Lau, practicing with each other, helping and respecting one another along the way.
To celebrate this special occasion, the annual dinner for this year was held on April 1st, 2017. Over 200 guests came to the dinner and some of the guests were from the US, Europe and Hong Kong.  Also, there were a wonderful lion dance performance by Sifu Jimmy Chan and his crew. Everyone enjoyed the evening with the good food, fun games and the company of our guests.
Let’s look forward to the next decade.

CWTA Chinese New Year party in the year of Rooster 2017

9th Happy Birthday to CWTA




Time flies,  9 years are not a short time.

We are very happy to see CWTA grows with prosperous in these 9 years.  All students are like a team and a family to train Wing Tsun in CWTA.  They are not only learning Wing Tsun’s skill, also to learn discipline and respect.

As with every year, we have an anniversary dinner to celebrate this happy occasion with all my students and their family and friends. We have had a great year, and saw many new students joining our ever growing family. It is always good to see our students be able to mingle and share some laughs outside the context of Wing Tsun. It also helps to have lots of games and prizes as a way to break the ice.





Technician Level 1 and 2 exam



Congratulations CWTA has 5 more 2nd Level Technicians and 2 more 1st Level Technicians.

This is a good news that CWTA has 7 students took the Technician test on 19 March, 2016 . Matthew Chan, Jaime Loo, Albert Cheung, Daniel Cheung, Larry Lau have been promoted to be 2nd Level Technicians. Agnes Leung and Marco Wong have been promoted to be 1st Level Technicians.
They not only trained hard with sparring, they also spent a lot of time practising all forms. During the test, they also need to be tested for the short distance punch, how to do and react to take down. The most important and exciting part was the sparring which includes 3 parts : Wing Tsun vs Wing Tsun, Wing Tsun vs outsider, and multi attacker.

I need to take this good opportunities to thank the students who come to this test to support their Si Hings and Si Je and to be the witness of their success. Also, I deeply thank some students who were willing to be the volunteers participated the test with the examinees.




Lunar New Year party


It has become a tradition at CWTA to celebrate Chinese New Year with a gathering and feast on a roast pig as well many other good food. We want to let all our students young and old alike to understand the traditional Chinese culture and learn about the greetings and respect we give to the older generation. I hope that these customs can be passed down to the many generations to come.

This year is the year of the Monkey and our gym was packed with so much people we barely had room to move! I hope all our students and their family can continue to join us in this celebration every year!

Last but not least, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone good heath and good fortune in the year of the Monkey.

新春大吉 龍馬精神


Seminars in Fall of 2015




Sifu Carson Lau was very busy the last two months conducting seminars at our Chicago, San Antonio and Hungary branches.   In addition to holding these seminar, he also examined many students for their instructor test.  He was extremely happy that all students at CWTA branches are progressing a lot.  We could tell that they have spent plenty of time to train and learn Wing Tsun from the heart.

We hope more and more students can be promoted to higher levels and also can spread Wing Tsun kungfu throughout the world.

Annual BBQ Year 2015


This is the fifth annual BBQ of Carson Wing Tsun Academy.  We are so happy to see our kung fu brothers and sister get together to have a great time.  We spent a afternoon at Bruce Mills parks to enjoy the good food, good weather, and bonding together.

We want to take this time to thank all the volunteer who helped to bring this event together, it wouldn’t have been as much fun with all their help. Also thank you to all the WT member and their families for coming out and supporting this event. We hope we can continue this tradition every year.


5th Level Practitioner Promotion

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of three Wing Tsun branch leaders to 5th level practitioner.  Sifu Chris Mah, Steve Chan and Gilbert Leal have been taught this arts of kung fu many years.

They deserve to receive this high ranking position because of their progress, hard work and contributions to this Wing Tsun family. This is not only their pleasure, but also the honour of CWTA since this is the first time someone reached such a high ranking instructor level.  We all wish them well in their Wing Tsun journey and keep on developing Wing Tsun kungfu in their respective cities and achieve their goals.


Annual Meeting With Branch Leaders

Carson Wing Tsun Academy held an annual meeting with all the branch leaders at June 7.

During the meeting, We shared many ideas which help to promote the arts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  We believe professional instruction and modern management helps us to establish a good environment for all kung fun brothers and sisters to grow.