Technician Level 1 and 2 exam



Congratulations CWTA has 5 more 2nd Level Technicians and 2 more 1st Level Technicians.

This is a good news that CWTA has 7 students took the Technician test on 19 March, 2016 . Matthew Chan, Jaime Loo, Albert Cheung, Daniel Cheung, Larry Lau have been promoted to be 2nd Level Technicians. Agnes Leung and Marco Wong have been promoted to be 1st Level Technicians.
They not only trained hard with sparring, they also spent a lot of time practising all forms. During the test, they also need to be tested for the short distance punch, how to do and react to take down. The most important and exciting part was the sparring which includes 3 parts : Wing Tsun vs Wing Tsun, Wing Tsun vs outsider, and multi attacker.

I need to take this good opportunities to thank the students who come to this test to support their Si Hings and Si Je and to be the witness of their success. Also, I deeply thank some students who were willing to be the volunteers participated the test with the examinees.




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