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Check out our latest video featuring some of our senior students as they demonstrate and talk about their experience of training with the Wing Tsun long pole (六點半棍)



Second Level Technician Examination – You reap what you sow

IMG_7580cI am very proud to announce that we have three new 2nd level instructors after a very tough test on 5th Jan, 2013. I think they really deserved this promotion after having witnessed the hard work they have put in over the years. I am especially happy that they were able to perform many different Wing Tsun skillful movements in sparring sessions of the test, and not only chain punching. I would also like to note that one of the tester was sick but still did not give up to the very end. I hope their success can motivate them to train harder towards achieving their next goal. Congratulations again!

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All three newly 2nd level technicians would like to share some feelings and reflections after the examination. Below are their personal testimonials:



Gloria Wong (2nd level Technician)

I can still remember almost 3 years ago when I was ecstatic about passing the test to become a Primary Technician in Wing Tsun.  I realized that my learning of Wing Tsun has just begun.  But in my mind, setting a goal such as being a Second Level Technician would be so unrealistic I should probably just forget about it.  For a period of time, my fear of failure and the businesses of life had taken me away from Wing Tsun, and my training has become sporadic.  It was only through encouragement of Sifu Lau and the Wing Tsun family that I decided to train regularly.  Preparing for the test was tough.  There were many nights when I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t good enough.  On the week of the test, I also had to battle with minor injury and flu.  But that only made me realize that nothing in life comes easy, and no timing can be perfect.  I just have to give my best and get through it.  Becoming a Second Level Technician is a humbling experience.  I still have many flaws and weaknesses, but with my Wing Tsun family I will grow.  And I don’t think I can be here without the love and support of everyone who gave me cut lips, bruises, and gruelling sparring sessions.  To everyone at CWTA, a big “thank you” from the bottom of my heart!


Edwin Lau (2nd level technician)

In my first ever Wing Tsun class, I was taught that in additional to learning about this martial arts, we will also be trained on how to develop respect for each other.  As time goes by, the reason for this becomes much clearer. In the past 5 years where I have been learning, practising, and teaching Wing Tsun, I felt the happiness when I see other students in our gym improve as a result of their hard work.  I felt the sense of accomplishment when I have become more fluent with my forms and applications after spending hours and hours, both inside and outside of class, practising my forms, circles steps, chain punches, and random punches.  I felt the gratitude when various members of the Wing Tsun family are taking their time to spar with me to help with my training. During this time, I thoroughly understand that in additional to having receiving guidance from SIFU and various instructors, having the opportunity to practise with so many different people in class – regardless of their experience in Wing Tsun – is a key reason for our improvements.  Someone may not have been training as long as you have been, but there are still many things that you can learn from them help too, such as professional medical knowledge on how to cure injuries received from training, how to do strength and fitness training outside of class to supplement your training, how to balance between rest and training so that we don’t over train and get injured, how to relax and reduce nervousness before taking a test, giving you the chance practise your sparring skills against people who are physically much more more bigger and stronger than you, etc. Not only have I developed a huge respect for SIFU and various instructors, but also I have developed a huge respect towards so many people in class too, regardless of their experience in Wing Tsun.  Having the chance to practise Wing Tsun with so many different people in class is one of the reasons why I was prepared for the 2nd Level Instructor test.  Without everybody’s willingness to help me train for this test, I would not have been able to be as well prepared for it.  Hopefully, we will all understand the better you become in Wing Tsun, the more humble you should be because your accomplishment is only possible with the help of all others. On paper, others may not be as highly ranked as you are, but there are so much you can learn from them too.


Alex Lee (2nd level technician)

Thanks for all the help from Sifu Lau, my Wing Tsun brothers and sisters.  Without you all, I would not be making it to level two instructor.   The test has few parts, forms, random punches, sweep and fall, and three sparring. Everything happened so fast on that day, I couldn’t really remember what I did, but I can only remember the happiness when Sifu Lau said “PASS” and …….  the beers afterwards. After practicing Wing Tsun for many years, it has become part of life.  Last year, Sifu Lau provided me a chance to go to San Antonio to help on his seminar. It was another wonderful experience since we were warmly welcomed by Sifu Gilbert and his students.  Also Sifu Steve and Sifu Chris and their students visited Toronto few times,  it provided me a great opportunity to improve my skill.  Remember “iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another”.  Thanks again for everyone who came to support three of us in the test.  Congrats to Si-Suk Gloria and Si-Hing Edwin!  And most importantly, thanks to Sifu Lau for his teaching.




New Technicians! Sidney Yik and Alan Tang


Sidney Yik

IMG_3500I couldn’t have imagined that I will be a Wing Tsun Technician back then.  At the age of 53, this is one of my greatest accomplishment so far. Initially, I was looking for something to do to reduce my stress from work.  I am glad that I found Wing Tsun.  I still remember the first time I met Sifu one Friday night at the gym more than 3 years ago.  I always wanted to learn martial arts and I wasn’t sure I will do it, but Sifu’s friendliness and sincerity made it an easy decision to join.

I like the training because I can work out and at the same time learn something practical and unique.  Once you get into senior level, you begin to appreciate Sifu Lau’s in-depth knowledge of Wing Tsun and self-defense.  It is a great privilege for me to learn from Sifu Lau, the highest ranked IWTA instructor in North America.

I would like to thank Sifu for his guidance and I will need it more in the coming future for the advance level.  Also, I would like to thank all the Si-hings, Si-dai, Si-Je, Si-mui for their support throughout the years.  We are just like a big family, helping each other out.  Of course, I won’t forget to thank my wife and my kids as they allow me to go to Wing Tsun.  Lastly, the red stripe pant and golden WT logo T-shirt really look better in style.  Folks, please keep up the good work and if I can do it, so can you!

Alan Tang

After 3+ years of Wing Tsun training, I have finally reached an important milestone(Primary technician). I am so excited and happy, that I have an opportunity to learn more advanced WT skills.

Wing Tsun was the Martial Art I always dreamed to learn when I was young, but lack of schools in Canada, instead I had the Taekwondo training.

Wing Tsun training has provided me an opportunity to exercise regularly, and more importantly enhanced my self-defense/hand fighting skills. But this is not possible without SIFU’s instructions, and support from all my training partners.

Thank You SIFU and all SI-hing/dai/Je/Mui.

Let’s all train hard, have fun and progress.

Congratulations to Edwin Lau and Marcus Joo on 1st level Technician Exam


We are so pleased to announce that Edwin Lau and Marcus Joo have passed the First Level Technician exam!

Both of them would like to share some of their thoughts and experiences, in their WingTsun journeys.

Edwin Lau


Thinking back to the day of my first Wing Tsun class, I was a beginner with no prior knowledge of kungfu. The learning curve seems steep, and I would never dare to think that one day, I may reach the Technician Level.

Insurmountable odds can be overcome through hard work. Today, I have proudly become a Wing Tsun Primary Technician. Not only is this possible because of the mentorship of SIFU Lau – North America’s highest ranked IWTA Instructor – throughout these years, but also, I received tremendous amount of helps from my Wing Tsun brothers and sisters. They are not training to compete against each other to see who the best fighter is. Instead, they are there to help each other improve, as we all seem to believe that helping others achieving their goals is equally as important as achieving our own goals.

Without my WingTsun family where each memeber is always willing to give up his/her own training time to help me with my practice, I would never have been received sufficient training to become a Primary Technician. Thank you very much all.

Marcus Joo


After over 10 years of martial arts training in a variety of styles, I was introduced to WingTsun in Fairfield, Iowa, USA. There I trained with Sihing Sam Shary and my Sihing and Sidai in that school. The philosophical concepts of WingTsun made so much sense that I took every opportunity I could to travel the 3 hours to see my Sifu Mike Adams in his school in Bloomington Illinois. After attending the 2007 GGM Leung Ting seminar in Toronto, I realized that I wanted to be a part of Sifu Lau’s WT family.

When I arrived, there were large periods of time where I wasn’t learning anything new. I was used to training with protective gear, and was very unsure of the style of teaching at the Toronto Branch. I was asking myself questions like, “How could you learn to be an effective fighter if you weren’t even hitting your training partner?” These questions made me feel uneasy. I was having doubts on WingTsun’s efficiency and if the Toronto branch was in some way not as effective as other schools I had
trained in. But after a few months of training and starting to learn chi sau sections directly from Sifu Lau, I finally realized the intelligence in Sifu Lau’s teaching method. I was now in the gym long enough to be training with people in their 2nd – 3rd month of training and I couldn’t believe how good these students were after such a short period of time.
If we rush into learning WingTsun, we will inevitably be held back from attaining higher levels of skill. Starting WingTsun with quickly training in a full contact setting will undoubtedly instill elements of fighting spirit and toughness, but at the expense of slowing down one’s ability to reach the higher planes of skill and proficiency that we all aspire towards.
I am extremely proud to have reached the level of Primary Technician, I could not have accomplished this without the constant support of my Si-hing, Si-dai, Si-Je, Si-Mui, and of course Sifu Lau. Although I didn’t start my WingTsun training in the Toronto Branch, Sifu Lau and his students have opened their arms to me and I truly feel like a member of the family.

So everyone, let’s relax, take our time, and conscientiously train.

Gloria Wong: The First Female 1st level Technician in Canada

It was hard to imagine myself being a WingTsun instructor, let alone the first female WingTsun instructor in Canada!

It started out as an interesting alternative to my Taekwondo training. Then it began to appeal to me as an exercise that I can continue to practice into my retiring years. They say time flies when you are having fun. Three years has gone by, in a twinkling of an eye. It has been much more than moments of fun and learning. It has also been moments of hard work and endurance. But most important of all, it was a time to grow as part of a family, a WingTsun family.

I am thrilled to enter the rank of technicians. But this is just the beginning of real WingTsun learning.

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Chapman Fu is a professional physiotherapist
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Confidence is one of the important ingredients for being successful in various areas of life: Frank Yuen

Confidence is one of the important ingredients for being successful in various areas of life.

In the context of martial arts, one cannot fully realize the potential of one’s skills and strength without the ingredient of confidence which brings out one’s mental strength. I have been practicing Wing Tsun for 3 years. My confidence in my skills and even own self-esteem have been slowly building up during the practices for the last 3 years. It is all thanks to Sifu Lau and the senior members of the club who constant encouragements and teachings allow me to gain my self-confidence.

The sticky-hand (Chi Sau) sparring training enables me to deal with adversity and test my ability to recover from it. My mental strength has increased due to this training which is my most precious reward from learning Wing Tsun.

Frank Yuen