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5th Level Practitioner Promotion

We are thrilled to announce the promotion of three Wing Tsun branch leaders to 5th level practitioner.  Sifu Chris Mah, Steve Chan and Gilbert Leal have been taught this arts of kung fu many years.

They deserve to receive this high ranking position because of their progress, hard work and contributions to this Wing Tsun family. This is not only their pleasure, but also the honour of CWTA since this is the first time someone reached such a high ranking instructor level.  We all wish them well in their Wing Tsun journey and keep on developing Wing Tsun kungfu in their respective cities and achieve their goals.


Annual Meeting With Branch Leaders

Carson Wing Tsun Academy held an annual meeting with all the branch leaders at June 7.

During the meeting, We shared many ideas which help to promote the arts of Wing Tsun Kung Fu.  We believe professional instruction and modern management helps us to establish a good environment for all kung fun brothers and sisters to grow.


Carson Wing Tsun Academy Latest Video on Youtube

The latest video Carson Wing Tsun Academy.
This video show four major training and teaching elements for Sifu lau.
It demonstrated the importance of Core-training training, Quick reaction, Professional training and Practical Self Defense of Sifu Lau teaching system.

Fourth Level Instructor Designation Ceremony



We are pleased to announce the designation of three fourth-Level instructors of CWTA.

Sifu Chris Mah of Northfield, ILSifu Steve Chan of Evanston, IL, and Sifu Gilbert Leal of San Antonio, TX are dedicated Wing Tsun Kung Fu instructors for many years.

Those Sifus bring a wealth of experience to their students and we are excited about their new level in their Wing Tsun journey.

Please join us in congratulating Sifu Chris, Sifu Steve and Sifu Gilbert on their new promotion.

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New Class In Downtown Chicago

We are so pleased to announce a new Carson Wing Tsun Academy branch will open in Chicago, IL.  Wing Tsun Kwoon, the official name of this gym, is going to open on June 18.  We would like to express our congratulations to Sifu Ray, Sihing Allan and Sihing Dave on opening their Wing Tsun gym. This accomplishment says a lot about their dedication to the art of Wing Tsun kung fu and the effort to establish the curriculum and lesson plan.  In the past weekend, Sifu Lau visited Chicago branch and conducted a 3-day training course for Instructors of Wing Tsun Kwoon.   During these training sessions, Sifu Lau taught and reviewed the Biu Tze Chi Sau section forms and applications.  In addition, Sifu Lau revealed what should be the main focus in the first twelve lessons for a new student.