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10th Anniversary Dinner

Seeing Double!
Carson Wing Tsun Academy in Richmond Hill, Ontario has reached a new milestone. This year marks the 10th anniversary of establishing the gym in the current location. Everyone in our Wing Tsun family has created a lot of great memories together over the last decade. We have been learning Wing Tusn from Sifu Lau, practicing with each other, helping and respecting one another along the way.
To celebrate this special occasion, the annual dinner for this year was held on April 1st, 2017. Over 200 guests came to the dinner and some of the guests were from the US, Europe and Hong Kong.  Also, there were a wonderful lion dance performance by Sifu Jimmy Chan and his crew. Everyone enjoyed the evening with the good food, fun games and the company of our guests.
Let’s look forward to the next decade.

9th Happy Birthday to CWTA




Time flies,  9 years are not a short time.

We are very happy to see CWTA grows with prosperous in these 9 years.  All students are like a team and a family to train Wing Tsun in CWTA.  They are not only learning Wing Tsun’s skill, also to learn discipline and respect.

As with every year, we have an anniversary dinner to celebrate this happy occasion with all my students and their family and friends. We have had a great year, and saw many new students joining our ever growing family. It is always good to see our students be able to mingle and share some laughs outside the context of Wing Tsun. It also helps to have lots of games and prizes as a way to break the ice.





8th Anniversary Dinner


This year marked the eight year for Carson Wing Tusn Academy established in Richmond Hill Ontario.  Eight years is both a long time and a very short time.  During these years, the gym has been teaching the arts of Wing Tusn to many enthusiastic students of this special martial arts.  We have became one big family.  We train, practise, and refine our skills together.

And of course, we share our joy and laugh together, which we gather for a fun filled night with many excited games and delicious foods.  We are very grateful that our kung fu brothers and sisters are contributed their time and talent to make that dinner happen.  Especially, the big thank you go to MC Victoria Au and Alex Lee who plan and organized many fun games and lucky draw.

During the dinner, Sifu Lau presented the gift to Keenan Perry and Fernando Gonzalez to acknowledged their 15 years of Wing Tsun practicing.  They all overwhelmed and grateful that they can receive this recognition from Sifu Lau.

Sifu Chih, instructor of Montreal Branch, present a 8 years old red wine to celebrate this special occasion.  Last but not least, we enjoyed this night very much and will looking forward to the future anniversary dinner.



Happy 7th Birthday to CWTA

CWTA7thAnniversary CWTA7thAnniversary

Time flies!  It has been seven years since Sifu Lau opened his Wing Tsun Kung Ku gym in Richmond Hill, Ontario.

Happy Birthday!!!!

To celebrate this great occasion, we gathered together for a big traditional Chinese dinner on Saturday March 29th.  Almost a hundred attendees enjoyed a fun night.  There were Sifus from other branches, students, and many good friends that came together to celebrate this joyful event.

During the dinner, there was a special moment which Sifu Lau presented plaques to those Wing Tsun Kung Fu lovers.  All the recipients have been practicing and contributing to Wing Tsun for at least 15 years.

Of course, there were game sections lead by our great MC Victoria and Alex.  They were very well prepared and organized for the whole program.  Everyone enjoyed that night very much.

Again! We wish Carson Wing Tsun Academy all the best and have many successfully years to come.

CWTA7thAnniversary CWTA7thAnniversary

CWTA7thAnniversary CWTA7thAnniversary


6th Anniversary Dinner

DSC00338Our Wing Tsun School’s 6th annual dinner took place on March 30th.  It started off with a blast, playing an extremely entertaining homemade video clip of various WT members performing Gangnam Style Dance.  This generated much laughter from the audience, and everybody enjoyed the video.  Without laughter, this dinner would be meaningless.  Learning Wing Tsun is not only about hard work and training, but it is also about making friends and enjoying yourselves when our hard training sessions  are over.

CWTA_6annualdinner CWTA_6annualdinner DSC00159 DSC00408

SIFU Lau, who has 30 years of Wing Tsun teaching experience, has been teaching Wing Tsun in the Richmond Hill location for 6 years. Many changes have occurred during these 6 years.  Students will come and go, and it was indeed a pleasure to see former Wing Tsun members joining for this dinner event.  They may not be able to continue taking Wing Tsun, but in their heart, they are still part of our Wing Tsun family.

Many of the dinner attendees were able to take home fabulous prizes from the dinner raffle draw.  Some of them were required to correctly answer a Wing Tsun knowledge question before being eligible to claim their prizes, and they learnt something new about Wing Tsun in the process.

Thank you SIFU for organizing this dinner event.  Sponsors have also provided many gifts for this party, and their generosity is greatly appreciated.  We certainly would like to give our special thanks to them hope that they will be able sponsor us again for the party next year.

Finally special recognition and a sincere thank you go to the following individual:
- Alex Lee and Victoria Au for once again being the MC for the night.  Both of you have worked hard.  Your quick thinking and witty comments have kept everybody well entertained throughout the evening.
- Manda Choi for taking care of all the gift arrangements.  Your gift selection was perfect, and every single gift was beautifully wrapped by you.  You have indeed provided icing on the cake to this party.
- Sidney Yik for providing all the computer work in the slide shows, especially the Gangnam Style video where SIFU was dancing in it.  That video was one of the biggest highlight of entire party.
- Albert Cheung for helping out with the seating arrangement plans and the decoration.
Thank you once again Alex, Victoria, Manda, Sidney, and Albert.  Without the hours and hours of hard work that you have put in helping out with various aspects of this dinner event, this dinner would be just an ordinary gathering, as opposed to another memorable night in the history of CWTA.  Thank you very much once again.