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Carson Wing Tsun Academy Latest Video on Youtube

The latest video Carson Wing Tsun Academy.
This video show four major training and teaching elements for Sifu lau.
It demonstrated the importance of Core-training training, Quick reaction, Professional training and Practical Self Defense of Sifu Lau teaching system.

Demo at Richmond Green Park

DSCN1273July 23rd, 2013 was certainly a memorable day as members of the CWTA took to the stage to demonstrate their skill at the 7th Annual Ward 3 Community Barbecue hosted  by City of Richmond Hill . Held at Richmond Green Park in front of hundreds of people, and despite the rain, high winds and occasionally peeking sun, spirits were high and the crowd was jubilant. Narrated by Ken Tam, the ten members of the club kicked off their demonstration with a display of form that captivated the crowd’s attention as the martial artists moved with precision. The crowd got more and more into the spirit of things as we moved into the effectiveness of Wing Tsun as self defence. This was followed by the group into the arena of multiple attackers as one man took on two bigger threats at the same time. Finally, an intense form and mini-sparring session took place in a brilliant display of sticky-hands. The audience was definitely in love and impressed with the display of power, speed and grace of Wing Tsun before them.

Thanks go to Richard Ngai and Albert Cheung for directing the demonstration team, and to Gloria, Josh Midghall, Chih YiSun, Elton Law, Thomas Chan, Daniel Cheung, Merlin Tong and Darian, for their wonderful and to Ken Tam for the great Narration.

DSCN1292 DSCN1283DSCN1354 DSCN1340DSCN1315

Raptors Basketball pre-game demonstration video

As promised, the video for our demo at the Air Canada Centre is now available for your viewing pleasure. This took a little longer than expected, but seeing the quality of the editing, it’s definitely worth the wait! Enjoy!

Toronto Raptors Basketball Pre-game demonstration


April 12th, 2013 will be an unforgettable day in the history of CWTA, as we have been asked to give a Wing Tsun Performance at Air Canada Centre during a Raptor’s Game pre-game show when the Toronto Raptors hosted the Chicago Bulls.

The performance was huge success.  Special thanks to all performers, directors, photographer, videographer, and everybody else who worked behind the scene for making this spectacular Wing Tsun performance.  The hour and hours that you have put in during the rehearsals have paid off.  Hopefully, you will have the chance to perform in such a big venue once again in the future.
Also, this is Sifu Lau first public demonstration in Canada.  We are so delighted to have this opportunity to see Sifu Lau’s long pole and double knives skills.
Should you want to view more pictures of this event, please click this PICTURE GALLERY LINK.
Please check back later for video in coming future.
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U of T MBA Students and Alumni Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner Gala

U of T  MBA demo 3
On February 16, 2013, CWTA has been invited to give a Wing Tsun performance during a Chinese New Year Celebration Dinner Gala, where most of the dinner guests are University of Toronto MBA students and alumni.  We certainly did not disappoint the 90 guests at the dinner gala.   As soon as the first sparring session begins, the audience’s complete attention was captured, as they were extremely impressed with the skills and fighting speed demonstrated by the Wing Tsun fighters. Further fighting action and explanation of various principles of Wing Tsun made this an extremely entertaining and educational demonstration.
Special thanks to Josh Midghall, Eugene Lai, Albert Cheung, and Edwin Lau for their excellent performances.  We have received outstanding feedbacks for this performance, and you should be proud of yourselves.
U of T  MBA demo 2 U of T  MBA demo 1

Demonstration at New Kennedy Square

IMG_7821cOn January 27th, 2013, CWTA was invited by ‘Canadian Chinese Radio – 多倫多華語電台’ to put on a Wing Tsun demonstration during a Chinese New Year show at New Kennedy Square 新旺角廣場.  This demonstration has five parts which show how effective on ladies self-defense, Siu Nim Tao form, Chum Kiu form, Chi Sau form and some street fight defense scenarios.



(Photo: left to right Samson Wong, Daniel Cheung, Kathleen Wong, Chapman Fu, Sifu Carson Lau, Manda Choi, Eugene Lai, Michael Lau)

IMG_7715c IMG_7765c IMG_7796c





Long Pole Thrusting Demonstration




Since the five YouTube videos were debuted, our school has been immersed in the topics about forms, long pole, and double knives.  Among all these topic, there is one that has captured the interest of many.  That is the poking coin by long pole demonstration.  In order to show how small the coin is, we have it displayed in a picture with a tennis ball side by side.  Surely we should hang these items in our gym as an exhibit.





Genius Education Centre Talent Show Demonstration



On June 23rd, 2012, CWTA was invited by ‘Genius Education Centre’ to put on a Wing Tsun performance during their Kids Talent Show at First Markham Place.  It was a very successful performance which included a group display of the Chum Kiu form, some kids self defence scenarios, as well as some chi-sau practice that quickly turned into a fast pace sparring session.  On a special note, Sifu Carson Lau was also in attendance as a special guest and was a part of the judging panel for the talent show.


(Photo: from left to right Daniel Ting, Sifu Lau, Lilian Nie)

If you wish to enroll your children in a summer academic program  be sure to check out Genius Education Centre.  They have many courses to choose from for grades 1 to 12 including chinese/english calligraphy, mandarin, math, chemistry, physics etc. Click here for details.

IMG_2105c IMG_2073c IMG_2089c

Photo: left to right Simon Lo & Peter Tung: chi-sau, Josh Midghall and Corey :Kids self-defence

Demonstration at Toronto Chinatown


Sunny Production was impressed with our previous performance and inquired Sifu, if we could perform with him in Chinatown.  Sifu presented this opportunity to the students to organize the performance. We had a great time and learned a lot about in producing the performance and organization of it.

Under Sifu and Sihing’s guidance and encouragement, all participated Sihing, Sidai’s  dedicated their personal time and  great effort resulted a captivating performance.  Afterwards, people came up and inquired about our school and all wanted to know if and when a downtown school will be established!

The theme of this particular performance was to project the essence of Wing Tsun style; its efficiency, its centre-line approach, its effectiveness in self-defense and combat situation.  We also illustrated the self-disciplined and the encouraging learning environment of our school.

In short, this was a great opportunity to share our Wing Tsun passion with audience, but also gave us an opportunity to bond as a martial art group.  Again, it was fun time spent with my SiHings and SiDais.

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Demonstration for the children of St. Matthias Catholic School

On January 28th, 2012, members of the Carson Wing Tsun Academy put together a thrilling Wing Tsun demonstration for the children of St. Matthias Catholic School for their annual Chinese New Year festivities. There were several components of Wing Tsun shown with regards to self-defence as well as several forms. The children were also told the legendary origin Wing Tsun. Demonstrated forms included Cham Kiu as well as a dynamic showing of Chi Sau – sticky hands, that evolved into a quick sparring match. The highlights included; women’s self-defence, children’s self defence, which included how to potentially deal with bigger attackers, as well as a two versus five finale.


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