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Technician Level 1 and 2 exam



Congratulations CWTA has 5 more 2nd Level Technicians and 2 more 1st Level Technicians.

This is a good news that CWTA has 7 students took the Technician test on 19 March, 2016 . Matthew Chan, Jaime Loo, Albert Cheung, Daniel Cheung, Larry Lau have been promoted to be 2nd Level Technicians. Agnes Leung and Marco Wong have been promoted to be 1st Level Technicians.
They not only trained hard with sparring, they also spent a lot of time practising all forms. During the test, they also need to be tested for the short distance punch, how to do and react to take down. The most important and exciting part was the sparring which includes 3 parts : Wing Tsun vs Wing Tsun, Wing Tsun vs outsider, and multi attacker.

I need to take this good opportunities to thank the students who come to this test to support their Si Hings and Si Je and to be the witness of their success. Also, I deeply thank some students who were willing to be the volunteers participated the test with the examinees.




Technician exam (second and third level)


Congratulations to six new third-level and second-level technicians.  At September 27, all six wing tsun students of Carson Wing Tsun Academy undergo a test on forms, chi sau forms, and sparring.  We are so pleased to announce that there are 5 new third level and one second technician got promoted.  Sifu Lau is very grateful for their students can pass this tough exam.  Through the exam, all six candidates demonstrate the hard work, preciseness, and endurance. They all well-deserved this promotion after having witnessed the hard work and contribution they have put in over the years.

** Third-level technician: Alex Lee, Chapman Fu, Chi-Tak Wong, Richard Ngai, Frank Yuen

Here are the testimonial of new third-level technician:

Alex Lee : I am so proud of myself and my Sihings (Tak, Richard, Frank and Chapman) for our achievement as the first ever level 3 Wing Tsun practitioners at the Toronto gym. This test was definitely the most painful test for me! But in the end , it was all worth it.

I would like to thank Sifu Lau for his teaching and encouragement. To be honest, I am not a very motivated person , but Sifu Lau always kept encouraging me (us) to practice and train more and more. Also thanks to my Sihings , who took the test with me and also helped me tune up my form and chisao skills. Now I can relax and have a beer!

Chapman Fu : It was great to have participated in 3rd level practitioner test and I am very glad I passed the test, and all the efforts I put into preparing for this test finally paid off! Thank you especially to sifu, sihings, sidais and simuis who helped me with preparing for the test. Without your help, I couldn’t have passed the test.

Chi-Tak Wong : A few weeks before the test, I got an injury in my back. It was hurting so much that I couldn’t practise at all.  I was about to give up and not take the test but Si Fu and Si Da’s were all so supportive and wanted to wait for my recovery.  I was really grateful to their encouragement and help.  Having good training partners who can encourage each other is very important  Hope all WT brothers and sisters continue to support each other and advance together.

Richard Ngai:

I am so grateful to receive the third-level technician certificate from Sifu.  It is my honour to have Sifu Lau’s teaching me on wing tsun skills and arts in the past 10 years.  I will always remember how Sifu show and demonstrate each movements in details. Also, thank you to everyone who helped and motivated me to practice and refine my wing tsun techniques and fighting skills.

Frank Yuen : I was very relieved when Sifu said that all of us have passed the test. As all the hours that we have spent practising the techniques; the bruises that we have on our bodies; and the anxiety that has struck us many times before test, are not wasted. Also, I am very grateful to have all the lessons from Sifu, which helped us to improve our techniques as well as our mentality towards the exam. Thank you everyone who helped us practice and helped out during the exam. You guys are great! There is still so much to learn and practice, let’s prepare for the next exam!


** Second-level technician: Fernando Gonzalez




First Technician Exam

Congratulations to three new first level technicians, three new technician left to right: Sheldon So, Joshua Tang, and Ben Li. They worked very hard to get to this point and had excellent performances during the tests. Congratulations on passing your test and keep up the good work!

Second Level Technician Exam


We are very grateful to announce there are four new 2nd level technician after a very tough test on 30th May, 2014. They all well deserved this promotion after having witnessed the hard work they have put in over the years. We are especially very happy that they were able to perform many different Wing Tsun skillful techniques and movements in sparring sessions of the test, and not only chain punching. This was a intense exam that contains few elements like form, random punch, sparring with wing tusn then outsider, and 3 verse 1 sparring. I hope their success can motivate them to train harder towards achieving their next goal. Congratulations again!

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First Level Technician Exam


We are so proud to announce that we have four new 1st level technician after a very tough exam on 25th Jan, 2014.Josh Midghall, Alan Chan, Dean Aivaliotis, and Larry Law (from left to right) passed the exam and became a certified instructor of Carson Wing Tsun Academy.

Click here for more exciting photos.

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First Level Technician Exam

DSC00498We have witnessed two new instructor promotions this past weekend, Albert Cheung and Daniel Cheung. Despite sharing many similarities, same last name, same…physique; they are, in fact, not related in any way. Jokes aside, I want to let everyone know that I am very happy to see the hard work they have put in to get to this point. They both trained many years and fought their shares of injuries and finally put on a good show during the test. Their instructor certifications were well earned. Please help me in congratulating their success and keep up the hard work!

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Second Level Technician Examination – You reap what you sow

IMG_7580cI am very proud to announce that we have three new 2nd level instructors after a very tough test on 5th Jan, 2013. I think they really deserved this promotion after having witnessed the hard work they have put in over the years. I am especially happy that they were able to perform many different Wing Tsun skillful movements in sparring sessions of the test, and not only chain punching. I would also like to note that one of the tester was sick but still did not give up to the very end. I hope their success can motivate them to train harder towards achieving their next goal. Congratulations again!

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All three newly 2nd level technicians would like to share some feelings and reflections after the examination. Below are their personal testimonials:



Gloria Wong (2nd level Technician)

I can still remember almost 3 years ago when I was ecstatic about passing the test to become a Primary Technician in Wing Tsun.  I realized that my learning of Wing Tsun has just begun.  But in my mind, setting a goal such as being a Second Level Technician would be so unrealistic I should probably just forget about it.  For a period of time, my fear of failure and the businesses of life had taken me away from Wing Tsun, and my training has become sporadic.  It was only through encouragement of Sifu Lau and the Wing Tsun family that I decided to train regularly.  Preparing for the test was tough.  There were many nights when I tried to convince myself that I wasn’t good enough.  On the week of the test, I also had to battle with minor injury and flu.  But that only made me realize that nothing in life comes easy, and no timing can be perfect.  I just have to give my best and get through it.  Becoming a Second Level Technician is a humbling experience.  I still have many flaws and weaknesses, but with my Wing Tsun family I will grow.  And I don’t think I can be here without the love and support of everyone who gave me cut lips, bruises, and gruelling sparring sessions.  To everyone at CWTA, a big “thank you” from the bottom of my heart!


Edwin Lau (2nd level technician)

In my first ever Wing Tsun class, I was taught that in additional to learning about this martial arts, we will also be trained on how to develop respect for each other.  As time goes by, the reason for this becomes much clearer. In the past 5 years where I have been learning, practising, and teaching Wing Tsun, I felt the happiness when I see other students in our gym improve as a result of their hard work.  I felt the sense of accomplishment when I have become more fluent with my forms and applications after spending hours and hours, both inside and outside of class, practising my forms, circles steps, chain punches, and random punches.  I felt the gratitude when various members of the Wing Tsun family are taking their time to spar with me to help with my training. During this time, I thoroughly understand that in additional to having receiving guidance from SIFU and various instructors, having the opportunity to practise with so many different people in class – regardless of their experience in Wing Tsun – is a key reason for our improvements.  Someone may not have been training as long as you have been, but there are still many things that you can learn from them help too, such as professional medical knowledge on how to cure injuries received from training, how to do strength and fitness training outside of class to supplement your training, how to balance between rest and training so that we don’t over train and get injured, how to relax and reduce nervousness before taking a test, giving you the chance practise your sparring skills against people who are physically much more more bigger and stronger than you, etc. Not only have I developed a huge respect for SIFU and various instructors, but also I have developed a huge respect towards so many people in class too, regardless of their experience in Wing Tsun.  Having the chance to practise Wing Tsun with so many different people in class is one of the reasons why I was prepared for the 2nd Level Instructor test.  Without everybody’s willingness to help me train for this test, I would not have been able to be as well prepared for it.  Hopefully, we will all understand the better you become in Wing Tsun, the more humble you should be because your accomplishment is only possible with the help of all others. On paper, others may not be as highly ranked as you are, but there are so much you can learn from them too.


Alex Lee (2nd level technician)

Thanks for all the help from Sifu Lau, my Wing Tsun brothers and sisters.  Without you all, I would not be making it to level two instructor.   The test has few parts, forms, random punches, sweep and fall, and three sparring. Everything happened so fast on that day, I couldn’t really remember what I did, but I can only remember the happiness when Sifu Lau said “PASS” and …….  the beers afterwards. After practicing Wing Tsun for many years, it has become part of life.  Last year, Sifu Lau provided me a chance to go to San Antonio to help on his seminar. It was another wonderful experience since we were warmly welcomed by Sifu Gilbert and his students.  Also Sifu Steve and Sifu Chris and their students visited Toronto few times,  it provided me a great opportunity to improve my skill.  Remember “iron sharpens iron, as one man sharpens another”.  Thanks again for everyone who came to support three of us in the test.  Congrats to Si-Suk Gloria and Si-Hing Edwin!  And most importantly, thanks to Sifu Lau for his teaching.




First Level Technician Promotion


We are so happy to introduce four newly promoted First Level Technician.

Peter Tung, Terence Ho, Matthew Chan, and Samson Chung (from left to right) passed the exam and became a certified instructor of Carson Wing Tsun Academy.

IMG_3752 IMG_3655



Preparation For Your Next Grading Examination

IMG_8825Two months have passed by since the previous Wing Tsun Grading examination, and the next test is just 1 month away.  It is not too early to start talking about preparations for your next examination,  as good advice given the very last minute can easily make students unsure of themselves, thus  negatively affecting their performances.  To help students better prepare for their test and training process, good advice should be given well in advance prior to the examination so that students will have enough time to think about the mistakes that they have been making and how to correct them before their next test.
When preparing for your next Wing Tsun Grading exam, remember the acronym FAB.  It stands for Forms, Application, and Basics.  The most common mistakes made in tests usually fall within one of these categories.  There are other things to look for within the FAB categories too.  Always pay attention to these 3 aspects during your training and ask yourself whether there is any room for improvements.  This way, you will be much better prepared when test time comes.
Here are few of the things you can pay attention to with each of the FAB aspect.
F – Forms.  When you do your forms, in additional to getting the sequence correct, make sure to show each move clearly.  There is a big difference between whether you know your forms well and whether you are rushing through a form.  When we practise our Siu Nim Tau or Chum Kiu forms, we are not emphasizing on how fast we do it .  As a matter of fact, if you rush through all your moves and try to finish the entire form of Siu Nim tau form faster than everybody else, chances are not only will your techniques be incorrect, but also you are not thinking (e.g. are your hands in the correct position?) as you are performing the form.
When executing a Wing Tsun form, you need to be fluent and clearly show the correct techniques, but do not make the mistake of rushing through it.  Doing a form faster than you should will not gain you any bonus points.  As a matter of fact, rushing through a form is a serious mistake and can be a cause for failure.  Do not make the mistake of trying to do your forms too quickly.
A – Applications.  Unlike Forms, when we do applications such as random punches, it is not only the techniques that you are focusing on, but also whether you can do it fiercely, thus the need for speed is required as well.  When you are being tested on random punches, it is a simulation on how you would react if you are being attacked.  If you close into your opponent quickly and thrown high speed chain punches at fast frequency, they are very difficult to defend against.  However, if you just thrown chain punches gently without making your opponent feel threatened, chances are your opponents will be able to easily counter-attack your chain punches.  Do not confuse Forms with applications.  In Forms, you don’t want to do it to fast, but with most applications (especially random punches), you need to be fast, fierce, and aggressive.
B – Basics.  Don’t forget to practise your basics.  If you are in the process of learning your Chi-sau forms, don’t forget to keep practising your Siu Nim Tau form or your Chum Kiu form.  If you are at the stage where you are doing your chi-sau sparring, do not forget to keep on practising your random punches.  Many advanced students make the mistake of completely forgetting to practise their basics – which may or may not be on your test – as soon as they learn something new.  As a result, when they are asked to demonstrate the basics in a test, they will get nervous and become tensed, and their performance will be affected dramatically.
Practising your basics is not only important when preparing for tests, but also helps you understand some important concepts of Wing Tsun.  If you can finish your opponents with good chain punches, there is no need to use any advanced techniques that you have learnt in the later stages of your Wing Tsun training.  If you over look the importance of the basics and completely forget that there will be times when good a good circle step with chain punches can be more direct and effective than the advanced techniques you have just learnt, you will not be as good as a fighter as you should be when you completely forget to practise your basics.  To become good at Wing Tsun – regardless you are preparing for a test or not, you need to practise everything that you have learnt.

Post Examination Improvements

IMG_1334cThe 2nd Grading Exam for 2012 has been completed.  Congratulations to all students who passed their tests.  As mentioned in the previous post, the process of going through various grading examinations is a valuable part of your learning experience. Your examiners have provided you with instantaneous feedbacks at the conclusion of your test.  Areas of improvements have been identified.  Do take their feedbacks seriously so that you can improve on your weaknesses and become better at Wing Tsun.

If you have any questions on what the examiners have told you after the test, always ask politely for clarifications.  The best time to ask for clarifications is immediately after your examiner has given your feedbacks.  If you wait until after a month before asking your examiners to clarify on the feedbacks, it is unreasonable to expect that he will still remember all your mistakes that have taken place during your test.  You yourself may not even remember all the feedbacks you’re your examiner has told by then as well.  Remember, when in doubt, ask right away.

It is understandable that not everyone may feel comfortable asking for clarifications in a test environment when you are facing a panel of examiners and the entire class is watching you.  If you prefer to wait until class time before asking for clarifications, it would be OK also.  All instructors are here to help you.  If you only remember your examiner has mentioned something about your Siu Nim Tau Form, but you don’t remember what exactly he has said, feel free to ask an instructor to closely watch you perform the entire set of Siu Nim Tau.  That way, the instructor too will see what the examiner has seen, and he can point out to you areas where you can improve on.  And of course, do not forget to thank your instructor after he has helped you out.

It will be about 3 more months before you the next grading examinations.  Keep up with your training, and we look forward to seeing how you have overcome your mistakes discovered in the previous test and made improvements on your next test.

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