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Seminars in Fall of 2015




Sifu Carson Lau was very busy the last two months conducting seminars at our Chicago, San Antonio and Hungary branches.   In addition to holding these seminar, he also examined many students for their instructor test.  He was extremely happy that all students at CWTA branches are progressing a lot.  We could tell that they have spent plenty of time to train and learn Wing Tsun from the heart.

We hope more and more students can be promoted to higher levels and also can spread Wing Tsun kungfu throughout the world.

Anti-Weapon Seminar

As per many students request, Sifu Carson Lau held a seminar finally last Sunday. This seminar was reserved for black shirt students (Assistant instructors and above) due to the advanced techniques involved. The topic was how to defend against a weapon unarmed. Sifu Lau demonstrated and taught a variety of anti weapon techniques during this 3 hours seminar. All attendees trained with much enthusiasm. Let’s hope there will be more seminars in the near future!



Carson Wing Tsun Academy Latest Video on Youtube

The latest video Carson Wing Tsun Academy.
This video show four major training and teaching elements for Sifu lau.
It demonstrated the importance of Core-training training, Quick reaction, Professional training and Practical Self Defense of Sifu Lau teaching system.

Seminar in Hungary

Sifu Lau was invited by the Sifu Róbert Török to teach a 2-days seminar in Hungary. Sifu Róbert is the chief instructor of Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association of Hungary. This is Sifu Lau second time to teach seminar in Hungary and he is so glad that still many wing tsun kung fu lovers to join.  All attendees had a great time practicing and polishing their Wing Tsun’s skills.  The students are very tough and hard working to train on any movement.  Their energy can train for whole 10-hours seminar.  After the seminar, Sifu Robert made an invitation to Sifu Lau for next year seminar.

Click Here For More Details of Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association of Hungary


Sifu Chih Sun Promotion


Earlier this year, one of my students, Chih Sun, moved to Montreal and has started his own Wing Tsun class.  I recently visited Montreal to see how he is doing and also gave a seminar to the students there.  I am very happy to see Chih has done very well with his class and his students are all very enthusiastic to learn Wing Tsun.  I can tell Chih has put in a lot of hard work and will continue to be successful!  Seeing these results and Chih’s dedication to Wing Tsun, I have promoted Chih and recongnize him as a Sifu of Wing Tsun.  Chih is the first of my students in Canada to achieve Sifu status. Keep up the good work!

To find more information about Chih and his class, please visit



Hungary Seminar 2013 Video

Wing Tsun Seminar in Budapest Hungary 2013



Last week, Sifu Lau had a 5-days trip to Hungary as a guest instructor for a wing tsun kung fu seminar.

This seminar was organized by Sifu Róbert Török, the head instructor of Five Elements Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association of Hungary.  There was a 2-days seminar.  Around 100+ wing tsun kung fu lovers gathered in a big community gym for 5 hours training in the first day.  In the second day, all the instructor got trained and practise in another 5 hours seminar.   All attendees had a great time practicing and polishing their Wing Tsun’s skills.  Sifu Lau was amazed by everybody’s dedication.  Everybody kept on practising non-stop during each 5 hour session.  In addition, Sifu Lau is very delighted for the great hospitality from Sifu Róbert Török and his students.  Sifu Róbert Török had showed Sifu Lau how beautiful Budapest is.

Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary Hungary


Great Grand Master Leung Ting Seminar 2011


We are so pleased to have Great Grand Master held a 2 days seminar on last week Saturday and Sunday.  During this seminar, GGM Leung Ting had revealed many awesome Wing Tsun’s technique and theory to us.  All students had a great time practicing and polishing our WingTsun’s skills.  Also, we are very happy to meet with our WingTsun kung fu brothers from our country.  Special thanks to two guests, Sifu Jason Bolanz from Dallas, USA and Sifu Georgios Meletakis from Berlin, Germany support and attended this seminar.


How Important is Building a Strong Foundation.

Mini seminar concerning Siu Nim Tau theory and foundation of Wing Tsun.


IMG_2586 IMG_2653
Siu Nim Tau is the first form that every WingTsun students learn from day 1. If we all pay attention enough, then we will notice Siu Nim Tau did help us emerge into the Wingtsun’s main concept instantly and effectively. First of all, it tells us we need a strong solid stance. Secondly, the centerline theory is implanted in most of the movements. In order to achieve successful, lasting and effective WingTsun practice, all students should begin by focusing on a strong foundation. An important attitude to develop is attention to small details. During this mini seminar, Sifu Lau revealed some key details of Siu Num Tau and demonstrated how it is implemented in WingTsun training. All students gained so many insights and benefit from Sifu’s teaching.

Below are the testimonial from the students who attended this mini seminar :-

ki-head Ki Nosworthy: Back to basics, the fundamentals. Sifu Carson Lau takes us through a detailed step by step look at the first form of Wing Tsun vital to the training. Whether you’re at a beginner level or an advanced level the Siu Nim Tau is a key to Wing Tsun training, and will help open future doors towards a WT skill set. I highly recommend any future seminars put on by Sifu Carson Lau.
fumi-head Fumi Chan: As a feather weight female Wing Tsun student,I know how important it is for me to perfect my technique with speed,viciousness,accuracy and power to compensate for my lack of physical strength. Siu Nim Tau Seminar provided me with the perfect opportunity to acquire accurate knowledge of the most fundamental form. With this defined
understanding,all I need to do is practice over and over again until I attain perfection. In time,the other three elements will develop with hard work and will power.
daniel-head Daniel Cheung: Too often, when training in a martial art, people rush to learn how to fight. Although we start off with the fundamentals in various forms, it is all too easy
to get sloppy and forget rudimentary details that make any given martial art unique. Like any language, every martial art has its own grammar; for Wing Tsun, that grammar is contained in practicing Siu Nim Tao. For this reason, the Siu Nim Tao workshop is invaluable not only to reinforce the basics, but to also remind students of its benefits for healthy living, not just for fighting. The
basic advice is to not rush and make every move precise. If someone takes their time and does it correctly with proper breathing, they can actually become healthier. The precision required can make offensive and defensive movements that much more effective. I highly recommend that students of Wing Tsun at any level seriously consider the Siu nim Tao seminar.
edwin-head Edwin Lau: I highly recommend this seminiar to all Wing Tsun members who already know the entire Siu Nim Tau form. SIFU explained each Siu Nim Tau movement in great
detail in a very clear manner. Using the information gained from this seminar, I can improve my own Siu Nim Tau form, for I now have a much better understanding of what my body position should be at the end of each Siu Nim Tau movement. The better is my Siu Nim Tau form, the stronger will be my Wing Tsun foundation.

IMG_2633 IMG_2586 IMG_2576

Summer Seminar by Sifu Lau

Which is fun and sweat filled seminar taught by Sifu Lau.  All the attended students had have a great time on practicing some special WingTsun techniques.


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