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CWTA Chinese New Year party in the year of Rooster 2017

9th Happy Birthday to CWTA




Time flies,  9 years are not a short time.

We are very happy to see CWTA grows with prosperous in these 9 years.  All students are like a team and a family to train Wing Tsun in CWTA.  They are not only learning Wing Tsun’s skill, also to learn discipline and respect.

As with every year, we have an anniversary dinner to celebrate this happy occasion with all my students and their family and friends. We have had a great year, and saw many new students joining our ever growing family. It is always good to see our students be able to mingle and share some laughs outside the context of Wing Tsun. It also helps to have lots of games and prizes as a way to break the ice.





New Affiliated Branch in Hungary

We would to announce an exciting news of a new affiliated branch had been established. Five Element Wing Tsun Kung Fu Association in Hungary has become our affiliated branch. This is a good opportunity for us to get more exposure to European WT, and allow us to spread our WT to Europe as well. Five Element Wing Tsun is led by Sifu Róbert Török and you can learn more at

Sifu Lau is very happy that Sifu Róbert Török and his students join into CWTA family.  Sifu Lau will spent more effort on develop and teach the high level wing tsun skills in eastern Europe.  All students with CWTA are very exciting this news and eager to meeting and train with out kung fu brothers and sisters in Hungary.


Hungary Seminar 2013 Video

Mexico Class Established Officially

We are thrilled to tell you the new class weekly schedule of our Mexico branch.

This new class is taught by Sifu Jerónimo García.  Currently, there is weekly schedule of every Tuesday and Wednesday 19:00 to 21:00.  Sifu Jerónimo García would love to teach and show you how effective Wing Tsun kung fu is !

Below is the latest youtube video which Sifu Lau and Sifu Jerónimo García promoting this martial art.

(This is the caption:)

SIFU Lau : Hello Mexico, How are you ?
My name is Carson Lau
I am from Hong Kong and live in Canada now.
I am very happy that I can say hello to you guys in here with my student
Jeronimo Garcia.
We have a new Wing Tsun class in Mexico now.
Jeronimo : That is right, It is a great honour for me to represent Sifu Carson Lau
to open a school of his Academy in Mexico. I hope to see you soon
there. I will do my best to promote this fascinating martial art in our
SIFU Lau : Hope to see you soon.

Merry Christmas


Time flies, one year has passed.  Hope all is well on you and your family,

Due to the Christmas and New Year,   our gym will be closed on 24th , 25th and 31st of Dec , 2012 AND 1st of Jan, 2013.

There are no DAY class and NIGHT class in Richmond Hill gym.

For downtown class,  there is no class on 25th Dec, 2012.


Long Pole Thrusting Demonstration




Since the five YouTube videos were debuted, our school has been immersed in the topics about forms, long pole, and double knives.  Among all these topic, there is one that has captured the interest of many.  That is the poking coin by long pole demonstration.  In order to show how small the coin is, we have it displayed in a picture with a tennis ball side by side.  Surely we should hang these items in our gym as an exhibit.





Grading Examinations


Our next grading examination is coming up very soon, and we wish the best of luck to all candidates who will be taking their tests.  You are now in the final stage of your preparation.  No matter which level you are being tested on, the key to give your best performance is NOT how hard you train in the final few days, but it is the ability to stay relaxed between now and your test.  Being nervous is the primary reason why people are unable to give their best performance.  If you can only relax and be more confident towards your abilities by keep reminding yourself that you have been training hard the past few months and you are all ready for it, this will help get rid of some of your nervousness on the test day.

The process of going through various grading examinations is an important part of your Wing Tsun training. Imagine Johnny is to present his project the CEO of his company.  He may feel very comfortable practicing his presentation over and over again, but when it’s time to make this presentation, his mind set will be very different.  If he gets too nervous, the presentation will not be as powerful as it should be.
But the more opportunities Johnny has to make presentations to the CEO, the better he will become at it.  As he becomes more experienced presenter, he will know how to overcome his nervousness.  The thought of making presentation to the CEO, President, and hundreds and hundreds of his peer will no longer intimate him.  If Johnny only focuses on practicing his presentations to an imaginary audience, no doubt his presentation skills will also improve, but the effect is clearly very different from having the actual experience of constantly making presentations to the CEO.
The same theory applies to your Wing Tsun training.  Being able to perform well during practice is different from performing well knowing that you are being judged by a panel of examiners and also being watched by many of your peers.  Pressure and nervousness will also be developed as a result of the fear for failing.  But just like the above analogy of Johnny making presentations to his CEO, the more grading examination experiences you have, the easier it is to overcome the development of nervousness and pressure.   This is one of the reasons why at CWTA, we strongly encourage students to take their grading exams, as the process of undergoing the examination will help them with their performance when they are under pressure.
There are many other benefits for taking tests.  For example, prior to tests, students would like to practice extra hard in order to prepare for it.  This is a good way to motivate the students to improve their skills. Also, after a test, candidates will be given feedbacks, pointing out their mistakes and how they can be corrected.   Students can use this advice to become better at Wing Tsun.
Testing is more than about certificates and levels.  If you can perform well on a test environment, your confidence during practice will improve as well, and this will help you with your future Wing Tsun training. Good luck to all who are being tested.  Do your best, and we hope you will get the most out of this testing experience.