Sifu Steve Chan

Instructor, 4th Level Technician


My name is Steve Chan and I’m the instructor for the Evanstan-Chicago branch of the CWTA. I’ve been training in WT since 1995. Since that time I’ve trained in many other styles as well. I love martial arts and find there is something good about each one of them. I’ve continued to train in WT because I think it has a strong underlying self defense foundation. The basic ideas of moving through attacks while maintaining forward pressure is somewhat unique to WT. WT is also more focused on the quality of movements than the number of techniques. In this way, you don’t learn a ton of techniques that you’ll have to pull from when you’re in a self defense situation. WT is also very adaptable to the individual. While good physical condition is always going to be a significant factor in a fight, a good WT practitioner can and should be able to end a fight quickly without relying on brute strength.



Sifu Gilbert Leal

Instructor, 4th Level Technician


My name is Gilbert Leal and I’m the instructor for the San Antonio, Texas branch of the CWTA.  In 1982, I became one of Grandmaster Leung Ting’s first American WT students. I was the head of the Texas Branch of the IWTA for eight years with the rank of 3rd Level Technician. In 1990, I left the IWTA to study other martial arts. In 2012, I was accepted as a student by Master Carson Lau. After studying several other martial arts for over 20 years, I definitely believe that Wing Tsun is the most practical and efficient martial art. I am very glad to have the opportunity to once again study WT under the guidance of Master Lau.



Sifu Chris Mah

Instructor, 4th Level Technician


My name is Chris Mah and I am the Northfield, IL branch instructor of the CWTA.  For 30 years I have trained and attained black belts in various martial arts including Wing Tsun Kung Fu. In this journey, I have been given the gift of the knowledge and experience in application of my mentors and instructors. Today, under the guidance of Master Carson Lau, I teach Wing Tsun Kung Fu so that hundreds of years from now someone will have the opportunity to enjoy the kung fu journey that I have traveled.

Wing Tsun Kung Fu has a simple yet highly effective approach to self defense.  It is based on quality of movement, rather than quantity. It is based on principles and physics (elemental self defense), rather than brute strength, youthful suppleness or complex combinations. Of course, good physical condition is always a significant factor in a fight, a good Wing Tsun Kung Fu practitioner can end a fight quickly without relying upon his conditioning. This is exactly what is needed in a real-world, high-stressful, and unfortunate situation.

It was with this humble background that I approach each of my classes. Through the passing-on of my knowledge, I aspire to build the character, inner strength, courage, vision, respect and discipline of my students.  I invite and welcome you to our class.