Sifu Carson Lau


Chief Instructor, 8th Level Practician

Sifu Carson Lau (劉家燊師傅), a 8th Level Practician of the IWTA, is the highest ranked instructor in North America, and is one of the highest graduated masters of WingTsun worldwide. Before moving to Canada, Sifu Lau spent 22 years teaching in the IWTA international headquarters in Hong Kong.Sifu Lau was inspired to learn WingTsun after seeing Great Grandmaster Leung Ting on a television program. After trying WingTsun, Sifu Lau was impressed by its specialty in dealing with short-distance fighting—very fitting for Hong Kong’s crowded, busy streets. He found that WingTsun could be applied even in the narrowest of spaces, such as in elevators, against a corners, or in a crowd.


Sifu Lau decides to move to North America

One day Great Grandmaster Leung Ting approached Sifu Lau for a meeting, and asked if Sifu Lau was interested in moving to Canada to teach WingTsun. Both Great Grandmaster Leung Ting and Sifu Lau’s si-fu, Grandmaster Cheng Chuen Fun, would support Sifu Lau in this endeavor.

The decision to move was not an easy one. At the time, Sifu Lau was a manager in one of Hong Kong’s largest logistics corporations, which he would have to leave, as well as his close friends and family. But with the loyalty and support of Sifu Lau’s many to-dai (kung fu sons) and to-suen (kung fu grandsons) in Hong Kong, Sifu Lau felt motivated to pursue a full-time career as a WingTsun instructor. And so he made the decision to pursue this opportunity with the hopes of teaching and growing WingTsun in North America.


WingTsun in Canada today

Teaching WingTsun is now Sifu Lau’s career. His primary goal is to develop WingTsun and recruit more students to build WingTsun’s presence throughout North America.Sifu Lau appears in many of GGM Leung Ting’s books and videos, as well as many kung-fu magazines. Many people are familiar with Sifu Lau from these media sources, and have come to Sifu’s Lau school to seek out Sifu Lau as their instructor.

Students from all over North America have the opportunity to train with Sifu Lau, as he teaches seminars and gives private instruction to branch instructors at CWTA branches across North America.

Although he is very busy with growing the WingTsun presence in North America, Sifu Lau still makes regular visits to Hong Kong to see family and host meetings with the CWTA branches’ instructors. While there, he also finds time to practice with his si-hing-dai and si-fu.